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About US

TextileGenesis™ is a pioneering traceability platform custom built for the apparel ecosystem

Our vision is two fold: creating radical transparency from fiber-to-retail, and ensuring authenticity & provenance of sustainable textiles against generics.

TextileGenesis™ platform is an outcome of intensive “grass-root” discussions with the entire apparel supply chain from fiber producers, fabric mills, dyeing house, cut & sew, to retail brands.

It's custom-built for the premium and sustainable textiles such as wood-based fibers, premium cotton, specialty filaments, silk, wool and cashmere.

Our technology secures brand reputation against fakes, creates article level transparency from fiber-to-retail, and drives value-chain inventory optimization.

Our Technology

Our technology combines blockchain with GS1 traceability standard for apparel industry

Why Blockchain and GS1

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, immutable to any alteration, and has a natural chain-of-trail for transactions in a diverse ecosystem.

Our platform allows digitization and traceability of any textile asset such as fiber, yarn, fabric, or garment through Fibercoins™ (patent pending). Any sustainable textile player can issue Fibercoins™ directly linked to his textile asset.

GS1 is a global traceability standard used in the food & healthcare industry. We created the first fiber-to-retail traceability data standard for the apparel ecosystsem based on GS1 framework. A well-defined traceability data protocol is critical to capture the full potential of any blockchain solution for business transparency.


Fibercoins™ create the ability to transparently trace & manage the textile products across the apparel supply chain.

Fibercoins™ are blockchain based digital-tokens. They are NOT based on any crypto-currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) to eliminate the financial and legal risks, and drive ease of adoption for the business-to-business users.

Key Innovation

Our enterprise technology is purposefully designed around five core principles

Cross-industry platform

Open network for the apparel ecosystem

Covers the entire value chain from fiber-to-retail

First fiber-to-retail traceability

First global textile traceability standard & language (based on GS1 framework)

Article/SKU level transparency (no “mass balancing” approach)

Fibercoins™ (patent-pending)

Digitize any textile asset - fiber, filament, yarn, fabric, garment

“Digital twin” to mirror the flow of physical goods along the chain

Captures the results from forensic audits on textile assets

Plug & play implementation

Cloud-based platform for easy access from any device

Mobile app for full transparency at the retail point-of-sale (POS)

Integration with existing IT systems through APIs, data feeds

Transparency rankings & incentives

Real-time transparency ranking of supply chain partners

Incorporates the existing sustainability credentials

Strong incentives to close the chain & stimulate transparency

Key collaborators and partners

Insights on Transparency


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